Happy 2019, Everyone.

Here is my evolving translation of the 8 Limbs. I hope it helps to guide your steps through the year. 


Yama I will try and be peaceful and gentle. I will tell the truth. I will not steal or waste my energy. I will notice when I am craving things other people have and try to ease up.

Niyama I will try to be clean and orderly. I will try to trust the feeling of contentment. I will strive for austerity. I will study my whole self - from my skin to the inner core of my being. I will come to know and trust the feeling of surrender to something greater than me.

Asana I will treat my body with respect. I will show up to practice so that my body open and transform . I will try and move through the year with both poise and clarity of intention.

Pranayama I will practice feeling my breath and my energetic presence. This year I will take full responsibility for the effects of my presence in my community, in all of my relationships, and on this planet.

Pratyahara  I will try to be brave and look inward - to feel my heart. I will try to decrease my dependence on external things like social media, shopping,  and comparing myself to others. I will remember that I can let go of these things as I learn how to trust my heart.

Dharana I will try and be steady and focused in my actions, even in the midst of the chaos around me.

Dhyana I will continue to meditate  - or try it for the first time. I will try to meditate regularly even if I don't want to. I will believe the hype and stick with it.

Samadhi I will learn to recognize when I feel a connection to all things deeply - in every cel of my body and in my breath. I won't try and name it or analyze it. I will simply trust it. And in the challenging days ahead, I will try to remember that in the end, love for, and connection to all living things is all that matters.


Om Om Om