One day in 1997, my friend Sasha Slocombe dragged me to a yoga class with Dana Flynn at Crunch Gym on Christopher Street. I was a chain smoking, anxious young actress in New York.  In that class with Dana, it felt as if some other version of myself had surfaced in my head and my heart,  flicked on all the lights and shouted (but in a nice voice) :'Here you are! I found you! ,' Within a month - madly in love -  I was practicing once or twice daily. Within a year I was training (at OM yoga) to be a teacher- interested in bringing this practice to all the stressed out actors I hung around with. I knew in my heart - as I do to this day - that what was (suddenly!) helping me to live with more ease and freedom could help anyone who was willing to sit still and take a few deep conscious breaths, or try a downward dog or a warrior pose - basically anyone willing to stumble into a yoga class as I had that day at Crunch. Since that day, I have made it my mission to help people fall in love with and to feel yoga - to climb into their own hearts and minds and flick on the lights.

Annie Piper teaches at Kula Yoga in Tribeca, The Shala and Prema Yoga in Brooklyn.  She is on the movement faculty at NYU's Tisch School of Graduate Acting and The Yale School of Drama. She is the co- teacher of  'The Open Voice' with Jessie Austrian at NYU's Gallatin School.  She is certified to teach trauma-sensitive yoga by both the Trauma Center in Boston and with the national organization Warriors at Ease, and continues to bring yoga to veterans throughout the New York area. She has served on the faculty at the Brown University / Trinity Rep Consortium as well as undergraduate Theater Studies at NYU. Formerly an actor and director,  She received an MFA in Acting from The University of Minnesota and a BA in Theater from Oberlin College. She certified to teach in 1997 at OM yoga, and studies Qi Gong with Thomas Droge.  She is also a Reiki practitioner and the mother of two beautiful and feisty boys in Brooklyn, New York.

You can can book a private session with Annie through this website or take class with her at Kula Yoga in TriBeCa or The Shala or Prema Yoga in Brooklyn.