The artist never entirely knows. We guess. We may be wrong, but we take leap after leap in the dark.  - Agnes De Mille

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Moving. Breathing. Holding space. Inhabiting space.

 The Actor's Gym: body/heart/mind

Not cerebral or chatty. This is sweaty and ferocious soul work - Yoga asana, qi gong exercises, and meditation technique  - distilled and refined to address the work of the actor. Cathartic, compassionate and immediate, these exercises set you right at the threshold of all your resistance- physical, mental, and emotional. Learning how to work with fear and avoidance so that you can mine that terrain for inspiration  - rather than trying to get rid of it - is the foundation of this work.


The ability to trust and release into the energy that connects you to your own voice and heart, to your scene partner, and to your audience is so fundamental.  As long as you can feel your own creative energy and it's relationship to everything around you, your work can't become a fear-based and self-generating spiral. Receptivity is fearlessness. Fearlessness breeds inspiration.